What to Expect

We know that visiting a new church can be intimidating. This page is put together to help make that first visit as smooth as possible.

Our Sunday Morning service begins at 9:30 . Directions are here.  There are several parking places set aside for first time visitors.

The first thing you will notice about our church is the size. We are a small church. Don’t be intimidated. You will not be anonymous but no one will make you do anything you don’t want to do.

Part 1

You will be warmly greeted by different members of the church. There is a nursery for children newborn through three years old. We have a Bible for you to borrow if you do not have one. Our members use a variety of Bible translations. Preaching is usually from the English Standard Version.

The worship service consists of a time when we give to God and a time for hearing from him.

The giving part of the time consists of singing, Bible reading, and prayer. You will not be asked to do anything that will make you uncomfortable. Our church receives offerings by placing a box in the back of the building for the church members to use. No offering plate is passed.

We believe worship should be a family experience. It is important for the children to be in the service to learn how to worship and to enjoy worship. Because they participate in worship, many of our children regularly worship around their homes. This may be a challenge for some who start attending. You are welcome to bring something quiet that will keep their attention during this period.


The second part of worship consists of listening to a teaching that explains some part of God’s word and applies it to our lives. The teachings usually last about 35 minutes. During this time, younger children are provided with material related to the message for them to color if their parents desire.

After the sermon there is a time of fellowship over coffee.

During the school year, we have a Christian education hour at 11:00. This time allows for more in-depth study and discussion on different topics that God’s word addresses in our lives. Past topics have included: child rearing principles, money management principles, marriage principles, in addition to timely studies of different books of the Bible.


There are several different classes for the children. Currently our children are going through the entire Bible in five years using a variety of hands-on activities. There is particular emphasis on them understanding the content and cultural background of the Bible.

That’s what you can expect at a Sunday morning gathering of New Covenant. Whether a follower of Jesus or a skeptic, we hope that you will gather to experience the worship of God with us.

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