Chap Bettis

Chap Bettis became a Christian as a young child. While attending Brown University, Chap felt burdened for the Rhode Island/ Southeastern Mass area. He was one of the four original elders when New Covenant was formed in 1986. Chap’s theological training came from Columbia International University. He is married to Sharon and they have four children, Kara, Chapman, Rebekah and Nathanael.

He is founder and director of The Apollos Project, a ministry aimed at helping parents pass on their faith to their children. In addition, he is the author of  Evangelism for the Tongue-Tied, The Fearless Apologetics Workbook, numerous booklets,  and the worship song I Will Trust Him.

Greg Hunt

Greg Hunt came to Christ through a radio outreach and the ministry of New Covenant in 1991. He was ordained as an elder in 1995. He and his wife Debbie have three children. Nathan and Elizabeth live with them and Aaron is already in heaven.



Craig Noll

Craig Noll learned the Gospel as a child growing up in Iowa. Later, in July 1968, he affirmed his faith in Christ, along with Anne, his bride of one year. In 1974 they moved to Rhode Island, where they were active in church life for several years.

In October 2009, the Lord clearly led them to New Covenant, where they have been active as teachers. Craig and Anne are very blessed with their three children and three grandchildren.